Neck – labeling machine

COSMO-CNL400: Neck – labeling machine

This machine based on a new design concept is suitable for the application of truncated pyramidal collars to both, plastic and glass bottle necks. The machine can be installed directly along the line by means of an electrical axis system; as an alternative the machine can also be used on a stand-alone basis. COSMO-CNL400

In both cases, the machine can be cut out when its use is not required by raising the main head above the bottle transport area, using the special motorised system.

The precision of the COSMO-CNL400 is guaranteed by the mechanical collar gripping and releasing action combined with a mechanical system for placing the collar on the bottleneck.
Another striking feature of the COSMO-CNL400 is the collar’s dispenser, which is positioned at breast height.

The above feature, along with the perfect mechanical collar gripping COSMO-CNL400 - FOTO 2and releasing system ensure that the collars are not damaged during the entire work cycle.

On demand, the machine can be fitted with a special unit for applying hot glue to secure the tie label to the bottle.
The great reliability of COSMO-CNL400 makes it the ideal choice in the most diverse fields of application: from detergents to liqueurs, from nutritive oils to wine or cosmetics.