"Cosmojet" Blowing Unit

“Cosmojet” Blowing Unit


  • The machine is entirely built of AISI 304 stainless steel and is fitted with accident-preventionSoffiatrice Cosmojetsystems complying with the CE Standards in force.
  • The switchboard cabinet is made of stainless steel (CE Standard). Size changeovers can be set up for automatic operation (up to 30 size programmes can be set up and stored).
  • Installed power: 5 kW.
  • Production rate: up to 18,000 pcs/hour.



System for cleaning empty containers (bottles, boxes, jars, etc.) inside so that they may be sent to the filling machines.Soffiatrice Cosmojet 1

The machine is suitable for handling containers with a diameter ranging from 40 mm to 150 mm, without the need to replace any component. In fact, size changeovers are performed automatically on all machine components by pressing two buttons.



Two special curve-shaped chains, featuring interchangeable rubber pads, hold the sides of the incoming container and overturn it by 180°; during the subsequent stage, air is blown inside the container; the powerful blast of filtered air is generated by a 1.1 kW electric fan.Soffiatrice Cosmojet 2

After blowing has ended, the container remains in its overturned position as it travels along so that any foreign matters removed by the blast of air may come out.

The machine can be fitted with a suction pump for eliminating any residues on the cap section of the container. Chains are motor driven by two gear motors that are controlled by electronic frequency converters (inverters) so as to prevent any undesired dislodging of the container during the operation.

Special dispensers, activated on a time-related basis by built-in batteries, ensure lubrication of the Blowing Unit’s chains.