Hand Robot

Hand Robot – Descprition

The “Hand Robot” Multifile machine has been designed and manufactured by COSMOPACK for the purpose of fulfilling the speed and versatility requirements of a container sorting unit.

The shape of a product container, its main package or the layout of the products within a package (either “Wrap Around” cartons or shrink-wrapped packs) give rise to a variety of different problems, especially when a high speed of production is needed.

In some cases, it may be necessary to divide and sort the products depending on the dimensions of the container or on its shape; in others, containers have to be oriented in a certain manner so that they reach the packaging machine in the correct direction.

The great versatility and the many function of the COSMOPACK Multifile, along with the high speed of production – 500 ppm or more – make this Machine a solution for solving the many production requirements of customers. You will find herein a description of the main features and possibilities of use of the COSMOPACK “Hand Robot”.

Technical data sheet


Detail of the Hand Robot


VIDEO Hand Robot

  • Hand robot – video 1
    Hand Robot with 5 production rows and one reject row for 2/4-litre detergent containers
  • Hand robot – video 2
    Hand Robot with one inlet, featuring auger and pin conveyor
  • Hand robot – video 3
    Hand Robot with 2 inlets (belt – auger)
  • Hand robot – video 4
    Hand Robot, electronically connected to a labelling machine, with 2 production rows and 1 reject row
  • Hand robot – video 5
    Hand Robot, electronically connected to a rotary orienter device
  • Hand robot – video 6
    Different types of diverter with auger, pin conveyor, electronic, with belts, all designed and built by Cosmopack Srl