COSMO-TWIST 400 – Linear Orienting Device – Description

This innovative Linear Machine has been designed for turning any type of container – either full or empty, with a handle or without, made of plastic or glass – through 180°.

The COSMO-TWIST 400 can be inserted directly into the line by means of an electrical axis connection or can be used as a stand-alone machine.

In both cases, it can be disabled when its use is not necessary.
This is done by raising the main head above the passing bottles, using the special motorised system.

Unlike the other, rotary machines, currently available, this system offers a high production rate (up to 400 ppm).
The accuracy of the COSMO-TWIST 400 rotation system is the result of the mechanical action of the gripper, rotating and releasing devices.
This system protects the product handled from any kind of damage during operation.

If necessary, a vision system can be installed for handling transparent products or products that are difficult to identify owing to their shape.
This system enables you to store up to 50 different types of bottle and optimise size changeovers. Furthermore, if the machine is connected by means of an electrical axis with the machine downstream, no operator intervention is requested.

The great reliability of the COSMO-TWIST 400 has made it the ideal choice in many fields, such as for instance detergents, liquors, edible oil, wine and cosmetics.


Detail of the COSMO-TWIST 400


VIDEO Orienting Device 300