COSMO-TL400 Tie-labeller Machine – Description

This innovative machine is suitable for applying any kind of tie-label on plastic or glass bottles.
The machine can be inserted directly into the line by means of an electric axis connection, or, as an alternative, can be used on a stand-alone basis.

In both cases, it can be disabled when its use is not necessary.
This is done by raising the main head above the passing bottles, using the special motorised system.
Unlike other machines currently available, which place single-sheet tie-labels on bottle necks, the COSMO-TL400 can apply very thick tie-labels with anti-removal systems onto bottle necks at a very high production rate (up to 400 tie-labels/minute).

The accurate application, guaranteed by the COSMO-TL400, is the result of a mechanical gripping and releasing action combined with a mechanical system for inserting the tie-label on the bottle neck.
Another striking feature of the COSMO-TL400 is its tie-label magazine filling system. This is positioned at a comfortable breast height.

The latter, along with the suction system, the perfect mechanical tie-label pick and place system and the innovative automatic folding system, prevent the label from going subject to damage during the process.
There is also the possibility to equip the machine with a hot-gluing unit for applying a dot of hot-melt glue so that the tie-label may be secured in a fixed position on the bottle.

The great reliability of the COSMO-TL400 has made it the ideal choice in many fields, such as for instance detergents, liquors, edible oil, wine and cosmetics..

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