Arm Robot 300

Arm Robot 300 – Description

The ARM ROBOT 300 is an automatic sorting machine for dividing one or more rows of max. 10 glass or PET bottles of any shape, square containers, vacuum bags and bags in general, cluster packs, etc. It has a maximum production rate of 24,000 units/hour.

A set of belts at the entrance of the Distributing Unit hold back the bottles on the conveyor belts and adjust the rate at which bottles are transferred to the telescopic arm. The latter is fitted with a patented system for guiding the bottles without crushing their sides.

This system prevents product stopping along the diverting section since it is always guided to move forward at the same speed as the conveyor belt.


Detail of the ARM ROBOT 300


VIDEO Arm Robot

  • Arm robot – video 1
    Arm Robot for PVC bottles
  • Arm robot – video 2
    Arm Robot for glass bottles
  • Arm robot – video 3
    Arm Robot for bricks
  • Arm robot – video 4
    Arm Robot Eco 150